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For as long as I can remember, I've been surrounded by small businesses. From my local mom and pop around the corner where I used to stop by for afternoon snacks (that's how my Takis addiction started) to loved ones starting side hustles in their kitchen, home office, and even garage, I've been a brand hype-woman since forever. Even with my recent experience owning my small jewelry brand, Ligaya Klay Co., running a small biz is a lot of work! I understand entrepreneurs have a big title to fill and a constantly full plate. On top of refining their product/service, they're out there trying to stand out in their industry and get their business in tip top shape. That's where Binibini Kreative comes in!

Oh hey there! I'm Kaithleen, the Founder & Creative Director of Binibini Kreative. I'm a creative slashie, always discovering different ways to express myself artistically. However, my favorite medium: social media. I basically grew up with the internet (I mean, who else remembers AIM chatrooms and Neopets!). With my growing fascination with the web and digital platforms, I knew social media was the platform for me to explore my creativity and be a part of dynamic communities. With 4+ years of experience working both in-house and at agencies, I have a diverse background working with a plethora of businesses spanning across the food & beverage, non-profit, wellness, and lifestyle industries. No matter the industry, I am extra passionate about working with small businesses.

"We're firm believers that everyone has
a story to tell"

It is our job as brand strategists, digital marketers, designers, content creators, and artists to help illuminate those narratives and cultivate those audiences.

we bring communities together

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The motivation to embrace all identities and to care for our fellow beings

The importance of community

The desire to stay true to purpose and having meaning for all that we do

The determination to continue to grow and transform

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Kat Mai Designs, Brand Strategy

"Kay has been such a huge help. I truly value all the input, collaboration, and big vision planning she’s been helping me with. Plus, she’s SO fun to work with & has a great eye for design and current trends. Highly recommend!"

Myree Morsi, Graphic Design

"Thank you for your talented support, exquisite graphics, and creative direction, my dearest Kaithleen. You have helped me transform and shine online!"

Charles Nguyen, social media

"As a financial advisor, first impressions are everything.
Kaithleen establishes my company as a forward thinking brand set on connecting with clients on a personal level. Her care & attention to detail reverberate throughout her practice.
Binibini Kreative has earned my deep gratitude as a client."

"First impressions are everything. Kaithleen establishes my brand as forward thinking, set on connecting with clients on a personal level. Binibini Kreative has earned my deep gratitude as a client."

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